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exposition permanente

The theme of the Plural Waters for Accolades, the Festival of the Arts for Norman Countries (translation from the French), creates a powerful and natural connection to the philosophy and technique behind my painting style.  My abstract work is intuitive and spontaneous, relying heavily on the use of water, not only as a solvent for the acrylic medium, but as the major component of transmitting any of my subconscious or conscious thoughts and emotions directly to the canvas.  Originally inspired by the work of Masaru Emoto and reinforced in later years by other scientific research into the structure and nature of water (see appendix), this essential element of life as we know it has become a crucial factor in each of my painted creations for over a decade now.  The seemingly mysterious ability of water, beyond its observable physical properties, to store information with any substance it comes into contact with or respond on a molecular level to thoughts and emotions is the key.  The ambiance of the Norman landscape coupled with a collection of both the fresh and salt waters of the region to be mixed directly with the acrylic mediums will provide the substance and inspiration for each painting I produce during the residency. 

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